Ocean Freight

India is becoming a leading manufacturing hub, services center and consumer market. Thus, international trade has been steadily increasing.Bluestar Oceantrade Pvt. Ltd. offers ocean freight services to a large portion of this vast market, currently ranked in India among ocean freight providers. Our core business offering is ocean freight forwarding to service the large loads of cargo required by international businesses. Due to the large volume of goods shipped by us, we can negotiate the best price from shipping lines for our customers. We have extensive experience in handling both general and specialized shipments to over 500 ports around the world
Our own offices handle your cargo on both sides of the ocean, ensuring secure, efficient and cost-effective delivery. Our widespread agency network ensures that we are on hand to deliver customer satisfaction. Our integrated operational style, with our on-ground service capabilities, ensures access to unlimited capacity for your cargo - anytime, anywhere and in any quantity.

Experience, efficiency, accountability

At Bluestar Oceantrade Pvt. Ltd, our experience brings efficiency and accountability to the movement of sea freight. We have a large network of partnerships with leading carriers. These well-established relationships guarantee capacity and the ability to adapt to growing sea freight trade volumes, quickly and efficiently. We have dedicated ocean freight specialists throughout the world ready to help you find the right solution, customized to meet your unique requirements. So, regardless of the size your business, or your location, the chances are we will be able to meet your requirements, along with tailor-made rates to ensure value.

Information when you need it

WShipments with Bluestar Oceantrade Pvt. Ltd. are always easy to monitor through Vizio™ - our proprietary global information system. Using our web-based global information management system, you can track and trace and schedule shipments, and generate reports, whenever you need them.

Environmental sustainability

Pound for pound, container shipping is the most environmentally sound way to transport large volumes of goods. Moving goods by sea is far more environmentally sustainable than any other major surface transportation method. On average, for every mile that a container ship carries a ton of cargo, it is estimated that it emits around 40 times less CO2 than a large freight aircraft, and over three times less than a heavy truck! Container shipping has also been found to be two and a half times more fuel-efficient than rail transport, and seven times more fuel-efficient than road transport.

Customized global solutions

Bluestar Oceantrade Pvt. Ltd. offers customized global solutions, including Less-than-Container Load (LCL), trade compliance, customs brokerage, temperature-controlled cargo, cargo security, and guaranteed space.

We also offer industry specific expertise in the following:

  • Farm Machinery & Equipment
  • Retail Logistics
  • Industrial Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Foodstuff